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Jasmine’s Story

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Jasmine’s Story

In late 2020, I had issues similar to urinary tract infection, which is what my GP thought was the reason I had the urge to pee often. There was no improvement even after a double round of antibiotics. So she asked me to do an ultrasound. This revealed that I had adenomyosis, and I was asked to see a specialist. The specialist was concerned that my uterus wasn’t mobile when she did the internals, and suspected it could be endometriosis. She decided to do a laparoscopic surgery to see what was going on in there. It was early 2021 when I had this. It turned out the adhesion due to endometriosis was so bad (her comment was "we say 5 as the worst but I would have given your case a 7") that all my pelvic organs were stuck together. She separated the organs as much as she could during that time and found that my uterus was inflamed so much it was pushing on my bladder which explained why I was having that feeling of needing to pee all the time.

This led to the next course of action, which was to put me on a Zoladex patch that gives you an instant menopause. This was to help dry out the adhesion before I underwent a hysterectomy. I had this patch for 6 months, then had my hysterectomy around the middle of 2021. During this time, I started developing severe allergies and could not survive without taking antihistamines everyday. I also developed a frozen shoulder, started getting night sweats, and heel pains (which felt like heel spurs). In the meantime, my only brother was diagnosed with a stage 4 oesophageal cancer and I lost him in late 2021 too, which took an emotional toll on me.

In 2022, my mobility and my capacity to do even day to day stuff became gradually more and more affected. By the time early to mid 2023 rolled around, I hardly had any strength left in my arms and hands to even open bottles or jars. I was not able to drive for long without my legs cramping up or my arms becoming numb. I was usually working part-time from home, but one day I had to rush into work by taking the train, and that little walk I did (5 mins on either side of train station) put me in agony. My knees and ankles swelled right up and I had to take painkillers for several days before the inflammation went away and I could cope. I became depressed as the GP was only prescribing more painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines.

While chatting to a friend, she recommended I try the Therapeutic Centre and I made my first appointment with them in August 2023.

Yes, I did make a few changes to what I eat, but I could see a difference just a month into the protocol they designed for me. I was able to drive up north almost non-stop for 6 hours to see my cousin and we went to see the Waihi gold mine tunnels etc. Even after walking for several hours, I didn’t have pains or swelling and after a couple of days I drove back again without any issues too.

Each day I noticed I was feeling better. By the time December rolled around I was feeling like my old self and had no further need for the antihistamines. I went on an overseas trip at the end of December. I was away for a month and walked a lot while visiting many historic places with no pains or issues.

Separately, my Mum was diagnosed with a very severe ulcer in early 2022. The day after her course of medication ended her reflux and a burning feeling in her oesophagus returned. So, I decided to get her help with the Therapeutic Centre as well and she started her journey with them from February this year. She is feeling so much better in the couple of months that she has been on her journey with them.

I'm incredibly grateful to my friend for recommending this complementary treatment path, and to the practitioners at the Therapeutic Centre for their unwavering support and guidance.


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I'm incredibly grateful to my friend for recommending this complementary treatment path, and to the practitioners at the Therapeutic Centre for their unwavering support and guidance.