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At the Therapeutic Centre we are involved in research, documentation, case studies and publications. We believe in scientifically measurable results, and develop personalised protocols for our clients accordingly.

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Heavy Metal Graphs

The following PDF documents and images show the results several of our clients have achieved with respect to their Heavy Metal loading. We send a snip of hair and/or a urine sample away to an independent laboratory to measure the concentration of heavy metals present in the sample. Then, after following our personalised protocol, we get another test done and plot the results for comparison on several graphs.

Showing a more than 5× reduction in Arsenic levels in this 11 year old
In only eight months this 56 year old brought high levels of Aluminimum and Lead into reference ranges
In the same time period they cut their Mercury levels by more than 60%
They also brought their high levels of Thallium down into the reference range