About Our Services

Functional and Integrative Wellness

We take pride in providing a holistic service that will give clients a better understanding and management of ever evolving wellness issues that may give rise to acute to chronic outcomes.

It is about systematic case taking, research, consultation with primary care givers and investigatory process that may deliver a favourable outcome of patient care.

Nutrition & Health Education

Our clinic is devoted to continual education of our clients/community via webinars and newsletters on current health topics.

Inadvertently, the clients are helped and supported in a way they will be able to manage any arising day to day issues of wellness individually, family and community.

Cutting Edge Technology

From computer-assisted microscopy and bio-energy and bio-feedback devices, through in-house developed customised data analysis tools and client information tracking, we have the technology to back up our decades of experience.

Pain Relief

Our clinic offers non- invasive pain relief solutions in the form of nutrition, dietary advice and proven technology.

Remote Consultations

We have, for a long time, offered distance consultations by phone call, however in the last few months there has been an explosion in the usage of virtual meeting technologies. Wherever possible we are happy to schedule a remote video/audio consultation using GoToMeeting, Zoom and/or Skype at no additional charge.